Monday, February 1, 2016

Freedom from Junk 2016 Day 1

Today was NOT a bust at all!  We actually met our goal of cleaning out the clutter from off our kitchen counter and out of our entryway closet!  I learned that I am a paper hoarder.  I mean, like there was A LOT of paper in these two areas... I am now very much afraid to see how much more paper I am going to encounter as we clean out other areas on the "trouble area list".  I found a check that I had printed by the register at Walmart in August of 2010... just sitting in a bag of papers in the entryway closet.  Why?!  Why do I keep these things?!  I found old shopping lists, a ton of bobby pins, safety pins, ink pens, pocket packets of tissues, at least 25 magazines (several of them still in the plastic wrapping)... perhaps I am saving myself from ending up on the TV show HOARDERS.

As Kyle and I went through the stuff on the kitchen counter, we sorted the items into either a trash barrel for the trash, a hamper for things that just need to be put away in the right place in our house, and a tub for the give away/sell/return to owner pile (sadly, I am finding quite a few things that don't even belong to us)... I am finding I like myself less and less!  I guess that is why on that show they always make the hoarder clean up their own junk, because by the end (or the beginning in my case) you are so disgusted by your own habits that you will never keep random piles of paper ever again!

So 2 trouble spots are clutter-free with 10 more to go!  If you decide to join us on our quest, feel free to post photos or comment about your progress!

So, we are getting rid of 210 items from our home in just the first day!  After a while, I started counting every 10 pieces of paper as 1 item, because there was so much!  Yikes!

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