Sunday, December 29, 2013

Starting a blog... yep, I am one of those people now!

How cliche is this?!  I am starting a blog - who isn't these days, right?  It is my only New Year's resolution, so far, to stop blogging on Facebook like a wanna-be, and to actually blog in 2014!  And just to be an overachiever at something incredibly trivial (which are my favorite things to be an overachiever at), I am launching 3 days early!!!

Oh, crap!  It is after midnight, so technically it is only 2 days early.  Well, either way, it will make either my mom's or my husband's teeth fall out at the shock of me being early to do anything!  I was born 3 weeks late, and I just can't seem to fix this bad habit I started so early in life!

I am not usually big on making resolutions.  I mean, I make them, because I want to fit in.  Just like I started drinking Chai lattes, because I wanted to be a cool kid when all our friends are sitting around and drinking a hot, brown drink that stinks like skunks and tastes like hot dirt called coffee.  I married a coffee and beer snob (uh, I mean "connoisseur"), and I can't stand either one.  But I want to look just as awesome as my hubby sitting next to me with his steaming cup, so instead of ordering a milk at (fill in the name of a hipster hole-in-the-wall cafe), like my 2-year-old, I am now a tea girl.

Back to resolutions... I make them, but I know they aren't like wedding vows.  They are suggestions to yourself.  And just like any suggestions, they can easily be ignored!  Resolutions seem like a quick fix self-improvement plan that, let's face it, maybe lasts 3 months TOPS!  I think I made resolutions last year, made them public on Facebook, and forgot all about them by the end of the week.

But this resolution is different.  Mainly because I am a deep thinker and a former journaler.  Then social networking came along, and for people who are socialites and don't believe in false pretenses like me, it is a vacuum that sucks you in... and I happily went along.

But even though I still love to order and devour McNuggets and an orange Hi-C on the rare drive-thru runs I make, I am growing up in other areas of my life.  I have decided that some of the ideas, questions, and discussions I would like to have just don't fit on Facebook.  And don't think I am quitting FB; just perhaps saving my 7 paragraph posts for this blog!  This is my much needed new venue, and my friends have strongly suggested I do this long ago.

And just like any person who loves to give advice, but rarely takes it, here I finally am to amend my ways.

I am now an official blogger!

Let's hope that all my "wifing", mothering a toddler, carrying a baby, teaching, and procrastinating ways don't keep me from achieving this goal... I guess we'll see... This resolution does have a strong chance, though, just because it involves thinking "out loud", and that might be my favorite thing to do!