Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Only Time I Have Enjoyed Having My Picture Taken

 My whole life I have HATED getting my picture taken!  I'm sure that is a typical, female problem, but never have I been pregnant and in front of the camera before.  And let me tell you, it is completely different!  I didn't have maternity photos done with my first pregnancy, because a lot of styles I had seen before were just weird to me.  I really felt like the sheer, flowy materials, naked bellies, and serious boudoir expressions and poses were not the message I wanted to send or capture, and I definitely wouldn't want to hang them in my home!  To me, being pregnant is such a sweet, mysterious, and marvelous experience, and I didn't know how a person could capture that for me without it being awkward or magnifying of my insecurities.

But since this is my second pregnancy, I wanted to do something special that I didn't do with the first, since the first time around everything is new.  So, I asked one of my dear bridesmaids from my wedding, who is an awesome photographer, to try and capture the essence of my feelings about carrying and growing a child.  I think she did a fantastic job!  I also was surprised by how much I loved the process of being able to emphasize my big belly and to think about the children I have carried in there.  When does a woman ever get to hold her huge stomach, smile, and not have one insecure thought about her shape and size?!  What a freeing experience!

I couldn't be more pleased with how these turned out, especially the bare belly pose with Emersyn, my daughter!  That was the only shot I was nervous about, because of previous bare-bellied photos I had seen online, but my heart just melts at the sight of my daughter anticipating this new life joining our family very soon!  And you can't even tell that it was raining and cold that evening!

Thank you so much, Cassy Pack, for making tasteful, sweet, meaningful works of art that include the very heart and essence of the joys of motherhood, family, and expecting a baby!  The only problem is choosing which ones I love the most for hanging in our home!  What a wonderful problem to have!

If you would love to check out Cassy's newborn, maternity, and engagement photo sessions with other clients, check out her site at!

Coming soon, Emersyn's 2 1/2 year pictures done by the same photographer!

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