Friday, August 8, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Kyle and I discussed several dreams for our life together, when we decided to make a life together, and one of them is to someday adopt at least one child...

If I recall correctly, which I think I do, we said that we would have a total of 4 kids, including any children we adopt... Kyle says that we agreed on having 4 biologically AND adopting more! And he is even more convinced now that we are already halfway to the total, and we are loving every minute so much!

The funny thing is, having kids is such a delight! I don't think I want a dozen or anything like that, but raising children is such a joy! I think I am opening my mind to renegotiating what I KNOW were the original plans...

With our increasing heartbreak over abortion and our zealous hopes for babies being given life, I can't stop reading about anything to do with the topic and thinking about what we can do, even though we are only one couple with no earthly power or wealth of any significant consequence.

We can love, raise, and cherish children who will not be able to be raised by their birth parents.

So I have been doing a ton of research, and I recently read about an adoption agency that has hopeful adoptive parents make a Shutterfly book telling about who they are. Then birth mothers look through the books and choose a couple that way... And I think that is the most awesome idea! When the birth mom chooses a couple, she keeps the photo book... What a keepsake!

Of course, someone might need to be a little crazy to pick us, but that's beside the point!

Well, and the fact that we have a 3-month old son and just bought a house... Obviously we won't be adopting for a while, but a book like that will take a while to make, right? :)

Soooo... yeah, once I get an idea in my head, and I get any spare time... I can't let it go! I should have spent my time last night blogging about the ever-growing list of topics I have been collecting while our internet has been on the fritz, but while my husband was gone overnight for work and my babies asleep in their beds I spent 4 hours going through pictures and downloading them to start the process of making such a book...

Going through all these photos made me fall in love with my hubby and babies all over again!

Our first picture as a couple, I think 2 weeks into our courtship.  We were on our way to Kyle's sister's wedding.  The first time I met his family... that's a funny story!!! 

This picture cracks me up!  I put it on our wedding invitations :) 

Engagement Photos

For our first anniversary, we took a vacation to Memphis... I LOVE that place!  In fact, it is only a half-day drive... I sometimes ask Kyle if we can go have ribs on Beale Street.

He always says no :( 

We are major LOST fans!!!  Here we are representing our favorite LOST couple for Halloween!

We like to have fun, no matter the situation!  Here we are, expecting Emersyn!

Our daughter, Emersyn Elise

Expecting Keegan

Our son, Keegan Russell

And we are still in love and having a great time!


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