Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Home At Last - Now Where Are My Pants?!

Ah, it is nap time as I begin typing this! Not for me, of course, but I am enjoying the first mid-day movie I have watched in a long time while Emersyn and Keegan sleep! My feet and back are killing me, and since our air conditioner isn't working I am sweating! My feet and back hurt because of all the moving we have done in the past 3 days - pack it all in a box, move each box, and then unpack all the boxes!

Except not all things are in a box; some are in large black trash bags that are unlabeled! So when I woke up with my plan today to measure all the windows and buy curtain rods while running errands today, that meant I had to have the missing tape measure! It is bright yellow, and no where to be found! And then it was time to get dressed to run the other errands I had to, throwing the curtain rod idea out the window! Then the problem is that I had a baby less than 5 weeks ago, so only one pair of pants fit that aren't sweats or dress slacks! I try not to go out in public in sweats, especially in June when I am already sweating, and I was not about to go to the bank, buy produce, and pay bills in dress slacks!

After 20 minutes, I called my husband and asked him if he knew where the bag was that had my jeans in it... He said no. So by this time, I was at least 30 minutes past "schedule" to leave to run errands! I finally found my jeans in a bag marked "pillows" - in my own handwriting ;/ Oops!

Besides running errands, I also wanted to unpack all of the living room and kitchen today. I had finished the playroom last night, and had started on the living room. Today the living room is pretty much done, and the kitchen is at least halfway... But I lost all motivation when I realized that I could put my feet up and rest my back on the heating pad! I mean, if it was MY goal, but I am miserable, why not rest? My kids don't care if the kitchen boxes are all unpacked as long as they get fed! And I know my sweet hubby would think I was ridiculous if I didn't take a break when ever I needed! My chosen therapy today is the new "Jane Eyre" film, which is my least favorite of the 3 versions I own... But still a classic story that is soothing to the soul!

I am embarrassed, though,  that we went from having less than 900 sq. ft to 1900 sq. ft, and except for an extra couch, all our stuff we owned already fills this new house - how can that be?! We must be very good at packing and storing a bunch of STUFF; how did all of this fit in less than half the space we have now?!

In other news, I also got poop shot out at me mid-diaper change! Keegan had a full diaper already, so I went to change it, and apparently he had a lot more to go! I wish he could have said, "Hey, mom, can you just give me one more minute!" But he felt better, and it all cleans up easily :)

Then the air conditioning guys came and gave us the bad news that we need a new compressor, which will take about a week to get installed... Oh dear! We're living it up retro our first week here! I was concerned that our utility bill will be incredibly more expensive now that we have twice as much house, but this first week will definitely be an economical one! Also, my husband had always had an abnormal amount of box fans, which I have always judged him for until now! I am thankful that his preparedness for every eventuality is keeping me and our babies cool day and night! Also our dear friends brought us a window unit for the upstairs, so we were all comfortable sleeping last night!

I also got to be home with my kiddos all day, and I melted, not from the heat, but the sweetness of watching Emersyn be a big sister! She is very concerned about Keegan when he cries, she asks to hold him, puts his pacifier in his mouth when he spits it out on accident, and has to kiss him before she goes to bed.

Then we went  to dinner at our friends' house and had a great time! They said they had considered eating outside on the deck, but then thought that might be cruel since our AC is out :)

Want to know what the "Stay-at-home Mom 10-minute Freakout Moment" was today (see last post for this seemingly daily occurence)? It was the.moment when I was nursing Keegan on the couch, and the AC guys knocked on the door... At the same moment Keegan spit a mouthful of milk all down my shirt and pants - just in time to answer the door! Keegan-2, Mom-0

I have sat down 3 times to compile this post - finishing up at 9:50pm!

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